Judicial Appointment


Judges are very important people in our society. They make life-altering decisions every day. The courts over which they preside are part of an immense and complex legal system.

How do judges get their jobs? What qualifications are necessary and what recourse do citizens have if they are not satisfied with the way a judge is doing his or her job? These are some of the questions answered in the Backgrounder.

Recently, Justice John Major, a member of the Supreme Court of Canada, announced his retirement from the Court. This means that the government must find a replacement. Sensitive to the criticism that there isn’t enough consultation in the appointment process, Prime Minister Martin published an appeal in the media for any citizen to nominate a candidate for the vacant spot.

Given the criteria listed in the Backgrounder, the job responsibilities, and the kind of direction you would like the court to take, who would you nominate? Read the Teaching Resource to help your students determine the best way to appoint a judge.