The Role of Judges


Almost every week we hear or read about a court case and often it is because someone is unhappy with the decision. The media reports on the details of the crime, the prosecution’s case and the defense made by the accused. The reactions of the victims are often relayed in the press and we form our opinions of the case on what we hear on the news or read in the newspaper. It is important to remember that we may not be getting the whole story. Unless we attend the trial and understand the rules that the court must operate by, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the judge made a mistake. In this issue of Law Connection you will find out how judges do their jobs and learn more about the process they must follow in making their decisions.

You will be able to study several interesting cases by reading and reviewing the court reports and come to a better understanding of how decisions are made in court. Two different plans are included for use in highschool classes.